Thursday, January 10, 2013

Almost Mint Bonnie Cashin Vintage Coach Red Kiss Lock Type Handbag–must Look

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Pictures taken in daylight–a little darker–a true red

This purse was mint, until I decided to clean the small coach emblem (typical of older bags) with coach cleaner. I got too much on it and now upper edges of the left sides are darkened. Hopefully they will dry out–see last picture– but I won’t promise it! The name bonnie cashin is not anywhere on this purse but the rivets on the change purse have a “b” on them. Also see pictures. I was lucky enough to own and sell several of these quite a few years ago. I have been doing handbags on e-bay for a long time and am quite knowledgeable about handbags. I think i’ve been selling since 2002. This purse is almost flat- depth at bottom is 1″. It looks much like the one on pg. 384 of handbags the power of the purse, by anna johnson. Now an older book but I still use it! This purse still has its original hangtag, which is also in excellent condition. It really looks like this bag was stored instead of used! The raw leather interior is clean! Not one pen mark!. The change purse lining is leather rather than the striped B. Cashin fabric. The double handles are also a little different but typical of vintage purses. There are two thin straps which are not adjustable. The drop is approximately 17 1/2″. The purse itself measures 10 3/4″ wide and 11 1/2″ tall (approximate). The hardware is excellent. The hooks detach and have some sort of insignia on them. I can’t make it out–a flower? I bought this for a store supporting a local charity. They knew it was coach, it was behind the counter. Reserve is reasonable for this exceptional bag! I should do a bin but am not as I firmly believe in ebay’s beginning auction style way of selling! Shipping continental usa $15.00, to canada $30.00. Ships from chesterland, Ohio currently selling for 122.50…

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