Saturday, February 16, 2013

Louis Vuitton Vintage Red Baguette Handbag

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Hello! This authentic louis vuitton vintage red leather handbag with a red bow and a red vinyl strap with gold studs. First of all, this is an uncommon purse and is really cute with a bit of an edge. But because it is vintage, and not that greatly kept, it does have a good amount of damage, especially in the interior, which sucks. The outside is not in that bad shape, its studs are all there and in good condition as is the leather, but the strap does show some wear. The interior is breaking apart, literally, as the lining is detaching from the purse (maybe with a miracle and a good repair man, it can come to a usable condition?). It seemed too cute of a handbag to deny it any possibility of a new life, so if you’re up for the challenge, good luck! Normal 0 false false false es-trad ja x-none also, I have more items listed, soplease feel free to check them out. My goal is to sell authentic, brand name,gently used items affordably for the fashionista in all of us! Good shopping! -d policy:as I would like to ship the items asquickly as possible, I would appreciate it if the payment was sent within aweek that the item was purchased. Thanks! Ships from chicago, Illinois currently selling for 26.00…

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