Monday, February 4, 2013

Python Bag Herm Kelly -style Real Giant Snakeskin Custom-created Red Handbag $

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Real python handbag, custom commissioned by me to resemble the hermes kelly bag note: this is not a hermes bag, not a replica or knock-off of any kind this is a beautiful handbag made from real python I had custom made for myself on my last trip thailand. It cost me over $800 2 years ago. It is made from the utterly most high quality python, the most giant python belly scales i’ve ever seen (the python belly is the largest most expensive part of the python hide). The color is natural dyed red with the natural darkening still showing through (as opposed to bleached and re-dyed which removes all the natural python markings). It was also treated with protectant, and has a glossy finish to it. I had it made in the style of the hermes kelly bag. Please note, it is not a hermes brand. The python is in excellent condition with no damages done to any of the bag. The handles, front flaps, zipper pulls, and key cover are made from the smaller python scales. I have only carried this bag a handful of times, it is still in excellent condition. The handle length make it a handbag, not quite big enough for a shoulder bag, though the bag is quite large in size. The silver hardware is new looking. It has 2 inner zipper ouches and 2 pockets for cell phone/ etc. The zipper works perfectly. The inside is lined with a felt like material which is perfectly clean and odorless. It has little python zipper pulls for the zipper. Please do not bid if you do not intend to pay! I will report all non-paying bidders, it is irresponsible and disrespectful and happens all the time and is getting very frustrating. I digress: *i am starting the auction low to attract the attention of more buyers, it does not reflect the value of the item. * #%*£check out my other listings! About me: I would consider myself an avid shopping enthusiast or some might say a certifiable shopaholic (the last pic is my lv luggage closet, with another closet of my non-luggage lv’s). I have 100% positive feedback and would never own a fake of anything and I go to great lengths to make sure everything I own is authentic. I am a regular at the lv store on 57th and lexington in nyc, saks, bloomingdales, gucci and the louboutin boutique, and manhattan best supreme couture resale boutiques, all of which are conveniently located just a few blocks from my apartment and they know me there. I’d be happy to answer or help with any and all questions. I love shopping and love to help others learn how to shop better/ smarter. I am an active member of thepurseforum (tfp) and always have my items authenticated in the case that I have purchased it from ebay or indirectly. I will always specify in the listing if this is the case. I am continuing to clear my overstuffed cupboard and personal storage: all the items I have ever listed on ebay are my own personal goods: I have never sold on ebay for other people and I have never been in business or intending to make a profit from ebay sales: I am just a “trying-to-reform shopaholic” and want to make space and funds for buying new things. Please international buyers email me first. I will only ship international with insurance and tracking, as many packages get lost an then the seller gets screwed. So shipping May be high for these buyers fyi. Posted with ebay mobile ships from New York, New York currently selling for 149.00…

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